Technology Evaluation



Date:  8/30/18

Program: Technology

Persons Preparing Evaluation Document: Tony Arbisi, Bob Poisal, Melissa McConnell

Program Evaluation Key Contributors:  Belton School District Staff and Parents

Program Goal: To provide a technology-rich and engaging learning environment for students and staff that prepares students for the connected world of today and the future.

Program Description: The technology program in the Belton School District

Program Staff: Tony Arbisi (Director), 2 technology integration specialists, 3 network engineers, 4 technicians, 1 student information coordinator, 1 secretary. 

Students Served by Program:  All Belton School District 124 students

Strengths: The data from the evaluation showed great support for the importance and benefit of the use of technology in education and that the technology program is an essential part of the Belton School District

Opportunities for Growth: The data from the evaluation indicated a slight perception from staff for a need for additional funding for the program. Additionally, staff and parents indicated the need for organizational and communication improvements related to the student 1 to 1 program.