Transportation Evaluation



Date:  February 8, 2018

Program: Transportation

Persons Preparing Evaluation Document: Bob Poisal, Melissa McConnell

Program Evaluation Key Contributors:  Belton School District Principals and parents of students who utilize our transportation services.

Program Goal: The goal of the transportation program is to provide students safe transportation to and from school and to school activities.

Program Description: The Belton School District #124 contracts transportation services with D.S. Bus Lines (formally Crabtree Transportation).  Services include over sixty regular transportation and special education routes, shuttles between schools during inclement weather, evening activity buses, both morning and afternoon vo-tech routes, field trips, and transportation for athletic and activity trips.  

Program Staff: 1 Contract Manager, 2 dispatchers, 2 driver trainers, 2 mechanics, 1 router/payroll, 46 full-time drivers, 17 monitors, 6 substitute bus drivers.

Students Served by Program:  There are approximately 2200 students who ride regular routes, approximately 125 students who have special education transportation, 55 students who receive transportation services for the vocational/technical school, as well as hundreds of students who ride buses to and from athletic/activity competitions.  

Strengths: Parents of students who ride the bus and building administrators were asked to provide feedback on the performance of the transportation program.  Parents rated drop off/arrival time, driver safety, and bus stop location the highest, while administrators rated their understanding of what the bus company expected from them and the cleanliness of the fleet the highest.  

Opportunities for Growth: Ironically, the greatest opportunity for growth expressed by parents was the location of bus stops as well as overcrowding on buses, tone/harshness of the bus drivers, route timing, and issues with substitute bus drivers.  Administrators felt like the greatest opportunities for growth comes in the way drivers interact with students, how drivers enforce discipline on the buses, and how the transportation office communicates with them.