Welcome to the Belton School District! 

  • The Belton School District is located in Cass County, Missouri, just a short drive south of downtown Kansas City.
    The 9 campuses of the Belton School District include Grace Early Childhood Center (Birth to PreK), Cambridge, Gladden, and Kentucky Trail Elementary Schools (K-4), Hillcrest STEAM Academy (K-6), Mill Creek Upper Elementary (5-6), Belton Middle School (7-8), Belton High School (9-12), and BOSCO (K-12).  The District serves approximately 4,500 students.
    Programs and services offered are broad-based and include childcare, Parents as Teachers, early childhood education (regular and special), in-district and out-district special education, gifted and talented education, vocational education, guidance, and career counseling, and more. A day treatment program is operated in the district at BOSCO. The Belton School District has recently been recognized at the national and state levels for several exemplary programs.
    The District offers a broad range of co-curricular activities, including athletics, clubs, vocal and instrumental music, speech, debate, and more. Your child will enjoy the benefits of a safe, personalized education in a top-rated district fostering and accelerating a child's intellectual, physical, social, and career development. 

    The school district's commitment to encouraging and challenging each child to achieve is a philosophy espoused by the Board of Education and demonstrated throughout the district via our programs, people, students, and parental/community support.
    The Belton School District welcomes parents to join their child(ren) for lunch during the school day.  If a parent would like to visit the classroom, arrangements must be made with the child's teacher prior to the day of the visit.  When parking, parents, and visitors are asked to be mindful of the bus lanes, as well as parent pick up lines, during arrival & dismissal hours.
    The Belton School District uses KeepNTrack, a security kiosk, for visitors and volunteers to sign in and out.  Anyone wishing to enter the buildings is required to stop by the office upon arrival to sign in and get a visitor's badge. 

Student Enrollment

  • All Belton School District students, new and returning, are required to enroll and provide proof of residency prior to attending school. 
    Frequently Asked Questions 
    How do I know which school my child should attend? 
    The link below will provide families the opportunity to verify elementary attendance zones for their children. Students who have been accepted at the Hillcrest STEAM Academy come from every zone in the district, so it is not reflected on this map. There are directions on the site to assist you in using the map. Please contact Anita Majors, secretary to the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, with questions regarding the attendance zones.
    What counts as "Proof of Residency?"
    Proof of residency is required for student enrollment.  The only acceptable proof is a water, gas, or electric bill in the parent/guardian name with the current address listed on the bill, and dated within 30 days prior to enrollment.  Cable bills, insurance statements, tax receipts, shut-off notices, etc. will not be accepted for proof of residency. 
    If a parent/guardian does not have a utility bill with his/her name, he/she may provide a rental/ lease agreement signed by all parties. An Affidavit of Residency will need to be filled out, signed by all parties, and notarized for those who are residing with a Belton resident. Full Legal Guardianship is required for any student under the age of 18 not living with their parent or legal guardian. 
    For answers to residency questions prior to enrollment, please contact Anita Majors (816) 489-7018.
    New families need to bring:
    Proof of Residency (only gas, water, electric bill or lease/rental agreement will be accepted) -OR- Residency Affidavit Form
    Childcare Affidavit Form (only if applicable)
    Birth certificate
    Immunization records
    Unofficial transcripts (9-12 grade students)


    The district designates the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, Dr. Sara Jones, as the liaison for students in foster care. The liaison will provide assistance regarding all aspects of the enrollment, placement, transfer, and withdrawal of children in foster care. Please see Board Policy IGBE for more information about enrollment and placement of students in foster care. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Dr. Jones at 816-489-7018.
  • Dr. Sara Jones

    Assistant Superintendent, Student Services
    Title IX Coordinator
    Email Student Services
    Enrollment, Discipline, Residency, Summer School
    Special Education, Homebound, Foster Care, McKinney-Vento Act