Updated December 29, 2021

Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan

  • Updated December 29, 2021

    The Belton School District has updated the mitigation strategies that were first put in place in August 2021 to promote the health and safety of our students and staff.

    Belton School District #124 will work to be as prepared as possible to adapt to change as things evolve quickly and changes may be unavoidable.

    Should the health and safety conditions change in our district and warrant us to make changes, we will inform you as soon as possible. Parents are encouraged to have alternative plans ready. Any changes will be communicated to parents, students, and staff.

    Be SMART
    S: Stay home when sick, in isolation, or waiting for COVID-19 test results
    M: Masks are optional, but are encouraged to prevent sickness
    A: Advocate for social distancing when possible
    R: Remember good hygiene and sanitation
    T: Talk to your healthcare provider about vaccinating yourself and eligible children

COVID-19 Isolation, Testing, & Vaccinations

  • COVID-19 Positive Test Protocols (Updated December 29, 2021)

  • On-site Antigen Testing

  • Vaccination Clinics

  • Health Room Contact Information

Environment Hygiene & Safety

  • Cafeteria

  • Classroom Environment

  • Cleaning & Sanitizing

  • Face Coverings

  • Recess/Outdoor Spaces

  • Respiratory Etiquette

  • Transportation

  • Water Fountains

School Operations

  • Activities/Athletics

  • Arrival/Dismissal

  • Assemblies/School-Wide Events

  • Group Work

  • Lockers & Cubbies

  • Meals

  • Outside Food/Drinks

  • Special Education

  • Use of Facilities by Outside Organizations

  • Volunteers & Visitors