Booster Clubs of Belton: Athletics/Activities, Band, & Drama

Belton Drama Booster Club

  • President - Kara Bosler
    Vice President - Stacy McCann
    Secretary - Shauna McMillen
    Volunteer Coordinators - Theresa Cervantes/Jennifer Mata
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Belton Athletic & Activity Booster Club

  • The Belton Pirates High School Booster Club is a non-profit organization comprised of dedicated parents, guardians, alumni, coaches, teachers, school administrators, and community members.
    Our goals and objectives are to:
    • Help maintain and improve the athletic facilities at BHS
    • Support and recognize the efforts of our teams, athletes, and clubs
    • Have an ongoing dialogue with the community, increasing awareness of BHS events
    • Provide additional opportunities to our athletic and activity departments beyond what is funded by the school district.
    Meetings are held in the BHS Cafeteria on the third Monday of each month.
    The Athletic/Activity Booster Club donations include contributions to After Grad, yearbook ads, DECA advertisements, TSA, BSN, Powder Puff events, Merle Clark Scholarship, physical night, flowers for senior nights, as well as letters and bars for our varsity letter winners.  
    In past years, the Belton Booster Club was able to purchase the following items for students, in addition to a $5000 grant from Sam's Club:
    • Waterhorse (long hose for football)
    • Pitching machine for baseball/softball
    • Cameras for soccer
    • Updated touchpads and clocks for swimming
    • L screens for softball
    Please join the Belton Athletic/Activity Booster Club to help provide another great year for our kids!

Belton Drama Booster Club

  • If your child is in a theatre class, participates in a theatre production, is a member of the drama club, or international thespian society we would love to have you as a member of the Belton High School Drama Booster Club.

    Drama Boosters is a group of dedicated parents working to enhance the students’ theatre experience at BHS that meets once a month on the second Tuesday at 7pm in Mrs. Babcock’s High School Rm #612. While the theatre program is a high school activity, the need for help off stage can often exceed what the student body or director can typically meet while still maintaining their academic priorities. So, we turn to the Drama Boosters to fill the gap.

    We ask that ALL parents contribute time in one way or another to the shows that their child is involved in. Parents are a vital part of the program – helping mentor students in many areas, while supporting our own children in their activities. Not only will you have an opportunity to make a big impact on a valuable program, but you will also have a lot of fun mixing with other parents and interacting with the students.

    Drama Boosters members can volunteer their time in one or more of the following ways:

    1. Organize Fundraisers – Talent Show, Mr. BHS, Dinner Theatre, Finding and selling donated items at performances, selling advertisements and congratulatory ads for the program, become a theatre patron or recruit theatre patrons, contribute to the thespian scholarship fund, come up with original fundraising ideas.
    2. Publicity –Distribute posters, create an email and mailing list of students, parents, and patrons to notify them of upcoming events, create and coordinate additional ideas to increase show attendance by getting the word out to our community.
    3. Concessions for theatre productions – soliciting &/or picking up donations or purchased supplies, help sell concessions at productions.
    4. Organize Meals - Saturday work call pizza orders, pick up and sales, dress rehearsals meals, performance night snacks, and Cappies Critic night dinners.
    5. Assist with the technical aspects of the production:
    6. Assist with set construction on Saturday work calls 9am-5pm
    7. Assist with props/furniture making, buying, renting, borrowing or loaning.
    8. Assist with costume building, buying, renting, borrowing or loaning.
    9. Assist with strike at the end of the production: taking down the set, putting props, costumes, furniture in its proper place, returning borrowed items, etc.
    10. Donations of concessions, supplies, equipment and building supplies for performances and fundraisers.

    Theatre is a group endeavor and it takes a number of volunteers to put on successful performances. So please consider being a Belton Drama Booster member and volunteer your time.

Athletic/Activity Booster Club

  • President - Jennifer Oldham
    Vice President - Open
    Secretary - Cynthia Riddle
    Treasurer - Dyonne Asaeli
    Sergeant at Arms - Danee Asaeli-Lemautu
    Email and Calendar - Cynthia Riddle
    Membership Coordinator - Open
    Concessions - Closed for 2020-2021
    Apparel - Open
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