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Inclement Weather Days

Our priority is keeping our students and staff members safe, which means we sometimes have to close our doors due to inclement weather. 

If snow, ice, extreme cold conditions or an emergency event occurs on a weekday and creates unsafe conditions, the Belton School District will either call an AMI Day or a Snow Day. 


If we have to cancel school due to weather, we will make it up at the end of the school year. 


The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) allows us to use five AMI, or alternate method of instruction, days in a school year. This means that we can learn from home if inclement weather prevents students from safely coming to school. District offices will be open as weather permits. 

Expand the panels below for answers to frequently asked questions about AMI Days. 


When extreme weather is imminent, the BSD operations staff and Dr. Underwood actively investigate and monitor the precipitation, temperature, wind chill, road conditions and more. Additionally, gets information from the National Weather Service, DS Bus Lines, and other sources to ensure he has the most comprehensive information available to make his decision. He also drives the roads throughout the community to assess the conditions.

When the information supports it, he makes the decision he feels is best for Belton, which means it may differ from some of our neighboring districts. There are a number of reasons for some decisions, including:

  • the number of rural miles that buses travel
  • the number of students who walk to school 
  • coordination with our bus company, which buses many of our students
  • young drivers’ lack of experience in certain conditions
  • Coordination of our food service operation, which provides the only warm meal(s) of the day for many of our students

Dr. Underwood tries to make a decision the night before school, but weather conditions change rapidly overnight. We make announcements about a cancellation or delay as early as possible, and no later than 6 a.m.

Staff Information

Are you a staff member looking for more information on how AMI days or snow days affect you? Log into your staff hub and learn more. 

AMI Info for Staff