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  • The Belton School District offers a progressive educational environment that is intended to prepare our students for the competitive and ever-changing workforce.  The District also strives to maintain a rigorous environment to differentiate learning for all students.  In addition, the District expects to exceed the expectations of The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and prepare our students for an ever-changing global economy.

    The Priority Standards prioritized the essential elements of the district’s curriculum and are assessed and evaluated throughout each year. This helped to streamline student learning and create clear learning targets for our students. Pacing guides were then developed for teachers, providing them access to timelines for teaching specific standards within provided time frames. This created a platform for the district to be able to continue the development of a rigorous curriculum.  Assessment data is used for continuous improvement. 

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  • Dr. Kimberly Mauck

    Assistant Superintendent, School Improvement
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