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  • The Belton School District offers a progressive educational environment that is intended to prepare our students for the competitive and ever-changing work force.  The District also strives to maintain a rigorous environment to differentiate learning for all students.  In addition, the District expects to exceed the expectations of The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and prepare our students for an ever-changing global economy.
    In order to make all of this possible, the Department of School Improvement (DSI) is charged with providing the best resources we have available to best support our building administrators, teachers, and support staff. This is crucial because they are working with our students every day.  These resources include appropriate & relevant professional development for staff, strategic planning, ongoing assessments in which results are used to guide instruction, as well as providing support for & monitoring of each child as needed to ensure success.
    Specific examples of the types of assessments we use in Belton are illustrated below:
    The curriculum leadership team was charged with facilitating the development of Power Standards.  A Power Standard prioritizes the essential elements of our curriculum which are assessed and evaluated throughout the year.  This document helps streamline student learning and create clear learning targets for our students. The next step will be to develop pacing guides for teachers to have access to timelines for teaching specific standards within provide time frames.  This will be the platform for us to be able to develop a rigorous curriculum. The Power Standards were approved by the Belton Board of Education in March 2017.  
    The Belton Curriculum Leaders are leading their grade level and subject area teams in adapting our curriculum to the new Missouri Learning Standards.  As we work through this process, our teams have written Power Standards so we can better focus our instruction.  Our priorities have included a focus on integrating technology and 21st Century skills while keeping in mind assessments and skills necessary for our students to thrive and excel in school and in life.
    The DIS is also working with Building Administrators on specific School Improvement Plans (SIP). The purpose of these plans is for us to be “purposeful” and “intentional.”  The District has many exciting initiatives with Project Lead the Way, project-based learning, and other programs to engage and encourage students to achieve their personal best in the classroom and beyond.
    These plans will help us strategically use these initiatives in an efficient manner. These plans will help us identify our needs for professional development and instructional areas that need to be emphasized and improved upon. The planning will also help us identify human resources we have in the District to help train others. It will also help us identify programs and resources that are not effective and are placing undue stress on our staff. We will be using our assessment data, quarterly teacher surveys, other surveys, classroom observations, and other building specific data to best inform our school community.

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