Belton High School National Honor Society™

  • To become a member of NHS a student must be invited to apply. Cumulative GPAs for all students in grades 10-12 are reviewed at the beginning of 2nd semester. Those with an average of 3.500 or higher will receive a letter early in February inviting them to submit an application to become a member of NHS.

    When all the applications have been collected, an anonymous faculty committee reviews them. Each applicant is judged on the merit of the four pillars of NHS: Academics, Community Service, Leadership, and Character. If approved, the applicants are granted membership into the society.

    Only students who are sophomores or higher can be inducted into the NHS here at Belton High School. If a student is a member of NJHS they must still be invited to join NHS and also must clear the application process.

    Members of the NHS must meet several requirements on a yearly basis. These requirements include:

    1.           Maintain a GPA at or above 3.500
    2.           Pay annual dues
    3.           Perform 10 hours of community service
    4.           Attend 1 quarterly Highway Cleanup
    5.           Attend a majority of scheduled NHS meetings

    If you have any questions contact the NHS Sponsors: Lee Winslow or Michelle Sumler.


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