No Tax Increase Bond Issue -- April 4th

2017 BHS Layout for No Tax Increase Bond Issue
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    No Tax Increase Bond Issue:  

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Why is this no tax increase bond issue on the ballot?

    It will fulfill the promise of a comprehensive high school, which was part of the original Belton School District Strategic Plan in 1998.  

    What will the no tax increase bond issue do?

    It will alleviate overcrowding at Belton Middle School/Freshman Center by moving the freshmen into Belton High School.  Students will no longer need to travel to other nearby buildings for classes.  It will also expand the capability for BOSCO to serve more students, as they would absorb the vacated space in the attached classrooms currently in use by BMS/FC.  The $20,000,000 no tax increase bond issue will add features to Belton High School to accommodate high school activities and classroom spaces for freshmen.

    What would our no tax increase bond issue include?

    It would pay for…90,000 sq ft. construction project 

    25 Classrooms at Belton High School

    Offices for 9th grade counselor, secretary, and administration

    Additional gymnasium utilized for classes and competitions -- would have the capacity to house all BHS students for assemblies

    Aquatic Center with seating:  for classes and swim team

    Lights for the baseball and softball fields

    Locker rooms for the wrestling room

    Performing Arts Center for theatre, vocal, and instrumental music

    Additional parking

    Why is the no tax increase bond issue important to the education of students in the Belton School District?

    Having the freshmen on the Belton High School campus is critical.  The courses they take count towards graduation, yet the students do not feel apart of the high school due to being located in another part of the city. Freshmen students also are involved with many high school activities at the high school, but shuttling and time are struggles for our students to be a part of these programs.  

    How does the quality of the schools affect property values and the local economy?

    Realtors agree a good school system attracts buyers to an area. Many home buyers ask about the school district before making a decision.  In addition, companies considering locations for new businesses insist on a good educational system for their children and their employees’ children.  Knowing the Belton School District has a  comprehensive 9-12 high school could be the deciding factor for many families and businesses to come to the community, which would lead to higher property values for homeowners.

    What will the cost be for individual taxpayers?

    The bond issue requires no tax increase.  The school district’s levy will remain unchanged at $5.43 per one hundred dollars assessed valuation of real and personal property.

    How is it possible to issue bonds without a tax increase?

    Thanks to good financial management by the Board of Education, the Belton School District is in a position to ask for a bonds without raising taxes. This is a result of aggressively paying off existing debts and refinancing for better rates. Because of this, we have room in our state-set debt limit to take on additional debt with no tax increase. We will continue to carefully monitor our debt and interest rates in order to save taxpayer dollars.

    If it was not for the no tax increase bond issue, would taxes go down?  

    Since the District is still paying off existing debt with the current debt service levy, the tax levy is not expected to decrease for 12-15 years.

    When is the election?

    Tuesday, April 4th

    What is the actual language on the ballot?

    Shall Belton School District #124 of Cass County, Missouri borrow money in the amount of $20,000,000 for the purpose of constructing, renovating, improving, furnishing and equipping school facilities of the District, including:  constructing additions and improvements to the high school campus, including additional classrooms, counseling and office spaces, a gymnasium, lobby and locker rooms, an aquatic center and a performing arts center; and completing facility maintenance and improvement projects throughout the District and issue bonds for the payment thereof resulting in no increase to the debt service levy?

    If this question is approved, the debt service levy of the District is estimated to remain unchanged at $1.4351 per one hundred dollars assessed valuation of real and personal property.

    What is a bond issue?

    A bond is an authorization for a school district to go into debt and to establish a tax rate to pay off the debt over time. The bond pays for capital projects like facilities and equipment, and may not be used for regular operational costs like salaries or supplies.

    What else will be on the ballot?

    As there is every April, there will a number of other municipal items such as county, school board, and city items.

    When must I register to vote in order to be able to vote on April 4th?

    Voters must be registered to vote by March 8 in order to vote on April 4.

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2017 BHS Layout for No Tax Increase Bond Issue
2017 BHS Layout for No Tax Increase Bond Issue