PeachJar eFlyers

Distribution of Flyers 

  • Businesses or organizations may have an advertisement or flyer posted on the website providing it meets the guidelines and has been approved by district personnel.  There will be a fee for each flyer posted.  

    Approval will be granted to flyers from outside the Belton School District, provided they meet the following criteria:

       *The event or advertisement is child- and/or family-related.
       *There is a specific time and date for the particular event.
       *Advertisements for purchasing items or promotional sales information for any event will only be considered if it is local.
       *The District reserves the right to deny any advertisement or flyer if it does not meet these guidelines or is considered inappropriate or not in alignment with the mission, vision, and goals of the District.

    This process will be managed by Student Services, which is located at the Belton School District Central Office, 2nd floor. Contact them with questions.

    Visit PeachJar to begin the process of loading your organization's flyer.

Receiving Flyers

  • There are several ways to ensure your family receives the flyers for the Belton School District:
    1.  Download the Belton School District app -- (iTunes and Android). With the app, PeachJar flyers are viewable at the touch of a fingertip.
    2.  Subscribe to emails -- messages will come right to your inbox.
    3.  Click the school where your children attend to see the specific PeachJar listings.
    Disclaimer:  The Belton School District #124 does not endorse events or advertisements posted on PeachJar.  External entities have paid a fee and met the guidelines to post their advertisements.