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Human Resources

We are dedicated to finding, recruiting, screening and onboarding the district's most valuable assets--its employees! We provide resources, guidance and opportunities to ensure our employees excel, and we are committed to promoting a culture of inclusivity, collaboration, and continuous growth, all in service of our shared goal: providing a world-class education for every student.

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In the Belton School District, we believe every one of our staff shares the opportunity to help children learn, grow and succeed. 

The Belton School District seeks candidates who are eager to make Belton an even more inclusive district for its students to thrive. We believe a deep understanding and valuing of differences is necessary to our overall mission.

We invite you to share with us your commitment to excellence, passion for innovation, care for people, and love of learning.


Jill Brown

Heather Cutair

Linda Fisk

Job Postings, New Hires, Resignations/Retirements

Substitutes, FMLA, Student Teaching Requests

Resources for Staff Members

Are you a staff member seeking assistance? Be sure to visit the Human Resources or Staff Wellness pages in our staff hub. 

Staff Hub


Join the Pirate family for a fulfilling personal and professional journey! We are dedicated to providing exceptional education. We hire top educators and support staff to meet students' individual needs. Belton has a small-town feel with big-city connections.

Belton provides a proud past and a bright future. Belton School District honors its community values while continuing to serve the present needs of the community. The school district's community engagement builds pride to work for the school district. The school district staff support one another and fosters ongoing collaboration and professional learning. The school district encourages teachers to grow in their own practices and also provides numerous opportunities for students to achieve their full potential with a holistic approach. As a teacher, I feel that each day is meaningful and provides a positive impact in my students' lives as well as mine.Joseph Kang
BHS Science Teacher

I started as a volunteer at my kids' elementary school 13 years ago and felt it was somewhere I needed to be. I never left. It is wonderful to see these kids grow up and become successful.Anita Majors
Student Services Secretary

When I moved to the Kansas City area, I was told that Belton was a great school district, so I quickly applied. How lucky I was that someone shared that with me. In Belton, my talents and expertise were valued. I have found fast friends who are dedicated and committed to students' achievement and success. The quality people in Belton schools are the reason I have stayed for over 15 years in this district.  Ivy Hendrix
BMS ELA Teacher