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Health Services

Belton School District Health Services wants to ensure all students are healthy and ready to learn! Health Services provides screenings, and referrals, and administers medications, treatment and basic first aid care.  

Our health personnel include registered nurses, LPNs and health clerks. Our multidisciplinary team provides services, resources and education to bridge the gap between health and wellness, and education and learning. Our school nurses provide the necessary professional expertise to access, identify, monitor and evaluate your student's health needs.  


Gretchen Sullivan
Health Services Supervisor 

Contact a Nurse

BHS: 816-489-7502
BMS: 816-489-7062
Mill Creek: 816-348-1596
Cambridge: 816-348-1009
Gladden: 816-489-7531
STEAM: 816-348-1132
Kentucky Trail: 816-348-1102
Scott: 816-489-7041
Grace: 816-489-7300