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Facility Use

The Belton School District #124 strives to have a collaborative relationship with our surrounding community. As part of that relationship, our buildings and grounds can be utilized by organizations, groups, or individuals, when not in use for school-related purposes.To request the use of district facilities please Review Availability and submit a facility use request. You must create an account before you can submit your request, and this video can show you how to create an account. Staff are not able to check the availability of district spaces for external patrons.

For technical issues, pricing questions, or general concerns, contact Ginny Hall. As a reminder, staff cannot check availability of district spaces for external patrons because availability is constantly changing.  

Once that process is completed, simply choose the direct link to complete the form. The link always takes you to the master calendar containing events already booked in the district.  Once your request has been reviewed, approved, and activated you will receive a confirmation from

Please review the Regulations Governing Use of School Buildings and Grounds and the Fee Schedule and ensure your participants are familiar with the rules governing the use of school property and grounds.  When making a request, one of the items will require you to provide a certificate of liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.00 with the Belton School District #124 listed as the Certificate Holder. If you need assistance, please reach out to the school and/or space you are trying to reserve and ask for the facility use secretary.

Regulations and Fees