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The Academies of Belton

The Belton School District is a proud member of the Ford Next Generation Learning Community, which seeks to transform the high school experience by igniting students' passions through interest and career-themed academies and real-world learning experiences that better prepare students for success in life.


Freshman Academy

All students enter Belton High School as a member of the Freshman Academy. Freshman Academy promotes an effective and positive transition from middle school to high school. It is designed to help students adjust to high school expectations, routines, and standards in a supportive and nurturing environment. The ninth-grade instructional program also includes High School 101, a Freshman Seminar course designed to equip students with the study and essential skills they need to succeed in high school. Freshman Seminar helps students explore their individual interests, talents, and passions while also participating in college and career exploration activities.

Freshmen also become a member of a team supported by dedicated core teachers, a Freshman Seminar teacher, a school counselor, and an administrator. During the ninth-grade experience, freshman engage in team-based activities, develop essential skills, identify and grow their strengths, and discover new ways of thinking. Freshman Academy experiences not only help students make an informed decision as to which of the academies they will enroll in sophomore year, but also what career journey they might like to embark on after high school.

Important Freshman Academy Milestones

  • Commitment to my Future- 
  • Career Exploration Fair- 
  • Academy Designation Ceremony-
  • Business Roundtables-

Career Academies

Following their career exploration in ninth-grade, all Belton High School students choose one of three career academies to to join for grades 10-12. In addition, students select one of 16 pathways and tracks with a more narrow career interest. Students in each career academy are supported by a team of dedicated core teachers, Career & Technical Education Teachers in subjects related to their career interests, a school counselor, and an administrator.  Each Academy operates as a school within a school, which serves to better support the academic, social, and emotional needs of every student.

Since core teachers in an academy have all students with the same broad career interests, teachers are able to teach their content (Math, Science, English, Social Studies) through the lens of their students' interests and partner with Career & Technical Education teachers to develop interdisciplinary lessons and units with a career focus. In addition, all students have the opportunity to earn a Market Value Asset through a Capstone experience before graduating. These Capstone Experiences are personalized to each student's post-secondary goals, whether that be college, the military, a trade school, or directly into the workforce.  These Market Value Assets include:

  • Internships
  • Client Connected Projects
  • 9 or more college credits
  • Industry Recognized Credentials
  • Entrepreneurial Experiences


DR. Scott Sisemore
Director of Academies 

Chase Nugen
Academies Project Coordinator

Quick Facts

Students in the Class of 2023, the first graduating class of the Academies of Belton:

  • Participated in 114 internships
  • Earned 29 Industry Recognized Credentials
  • Participated in 70+ Client Connected Projects
  • Earned 1,060 College Credits

Be an Academies of Belton Partner

Our amazing community and business partners are essential to our commitment to providing real-world learning experiences for every student. If you are interested in partnering with the Academies of Belton please complete this form.

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