Health Attendance

  • The Belton School District attempts to ensure the health and safety of all our students. Children must be well to perform in school. We are asking parents to comply with the following procedure/guidelines to help reduce the spread of infection during the school year.

    1. Any child who vomits or has diarrhea the night before or the morning of school should be kept home and remain at home until no vomiting or diarrhea is present for 24 hours without the aid of medication.
    2. Any child who has an elevated temperature (>100.4 degrees Fahrenheit) should remain home until the temperature has been normal for 24 hours without any fever-reducing medication.
    3. Any child who is coughing hard enough or frequent enough to interrupt the educational process for the child or classmates should be kept home until the coughing decreases.
    4. Any child who has red, watery, burning eyes matting with drainage, especially if they are stuck shut upon arising, shall be kept home and may return to school after receiving medication for 24 hours or with physician approval.
    5. Any child who looks or acts ill should be evaluated carefully before sending the child to school.
    6. Any child who has been to the doctor for possible infectious conditions should bring a note from the physician declaring the child is not contagious.
    Parental cooperation in these matters will help ensure all children remain in good health throughout the school year. More detailed attendance information is linked on our Student Services pages.
  • Gretchen Sullivan, RN BSN

    Supervisor, Health Services
    Email Health Services
    (816) 489-7301
    District Health Room Contact Numbers 
    BHS: (816) 489-7502
    BMS: (816) 489-7062
    Mill Creek: (816) 348-1596
    Cambridge: (816) 348-1009
    Gladden: (816) 489-7531
    Wilckens STEAM: (816) 348-1132
    Kentucky Trail: (816) 348-1102
    Scott Educational Center: (816) 489-7041
    Grace: (816) 489-7301

    Certified Athletic Trainer, Jordyn Kemp
    Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Matthew Cullen, DO