Communicating with & Visiting Schools

  • Teachers are able to take calls and conferences, usually by appointment, only before and after school and during planning times. If a message is left, a return call will generally be returned by the end of school the following day. Parents are also welcome to email their child's teachers.
    Please communicate directly with your child’s teacher(s) to avoid miscommunication, and provide an opportunity for problems to be solved at the classroom level. If you feel a problem has not been resolved, contact the building principal. 
    Classroom visits should be scheduled in advance with your child’s teacher. When visiting the school, you must have a valid ID, check in with the office on our digital system to receive clearance, and be issued a name tag so our students and teachers know you have followed our safety procedures. Please be mindful of bus lane parking during arrival and dismissal hours. Parent visits during the school day in classrooms are limited to observation and no interaction with children.
    Since teachers must attend to their students, conferencing should be scheduled with teachers at a separate time.
    We ask parents not to call the school and ask to speak to their children. Messages to students will be delivered prior to the end of the day. Your support to reduce classroom interruptions and increase student learning time is appreciated.
  • Dr. Sara Jones

    Assistant Superintendent, Student Services
    Title IX Coordinator
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