Emergency & Inclement Weather Procedures

  • In the event of a school closing, for weather or emergency, the District will use the following procedures to notify parents and patrons:
    Cancellations –If snow, ice, extreme cold conditions, or an emergency event occurs on a weekday which creates unsafe conditions, school will be cancelled and the day will be made up at the end of the school year. These snow days are listed at the bottom right corner of the 1- page district calendar each year. Late-start options have been discussed, but they are not ideal, as families may be without a childcare provider or miss the announcement, leaving their child outdoors waiting for the bus. Please review how Dr. Underwood, Superintendent, comes to decisions about weather-related decisions.
    Communications – If school is canceled, District officials will send alerts through the automated calling system, text alerts, the website, and social media outlets. Lastly, they will notify all local news stations.
    Care Programs - Care programs will remain open on the days the District closes for inclement weather. Hours will be 9 am - 5:30 pm. Parents need to send breakfast, lunch, and snack for their children. Only in rare cases when the weather is severe will the Care Programs close. In this case, programs would alert affected parents through calls, text messages, the website, and social media outlets. SAC students report to Gladden and PAC report to Grace.
    Wind Chill - The National Weather Service has a website displaying their wind chill chart. This chart shows that the wind chills that are likely to produce frostbite of exposed skin within thirty (30) minutes range from minus eighteen (-18) to minus thirty-three (- 33) degrees.  Students walking to or from school, or waiting for a bus should not need to be out in the cold longer than thirty (30) minutes.  Therefore, if the wind chill is likely to be at minus 18 degrees (-18) or colder during the time period when students would be going to school, or home from school, we will close schools.
    If you want to visit the National Weather Service website, you can find a wealth of weather information. For local information point and click on the map where Kansas City is located (Northwest Missouri).  You can navigate through the “Warnings and Forecasts” windows to see what is predicted for temperatures, snow amounts, wind force, and other factors.