MO HealthNet (Medicaid) for Kids

  • The MO HealthNet (Medicaid) for Kids provides medical care for children under 19 years of age whose family income falls within certain guidelines.

    Who is eligible?

    A child:

    • who is under 19 years of age;
    • who applies for a social security number;
    • who lives in Missouri;
    • who is a United States citizen or an eligible qualified non-citizen (NOTE: receipt of MO HealthNet benefits does NOT subject qualified non-citizens to public charge consideration);
    • the parent must cooperate with Child Support Enforcement (CSE) in the pursuit of medical support; and
    • whose countable family income meets the income guidelines.

    MO HealthNet for Kids Non-SCHIP 

    Children (regardless of insurance status) are eligible if monthly family Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) does not exceed the following:

    • 196% FPL for children under age 1
    • 148% FPL for ages 1-18

    MO HealthNet for Kids (SCHIP) Non-Premium

    • Family gross income over 148% FPL up to 150% Federal Poverty Level (FPL); and
    • Child is uninsured

    MO HealthNet for Kids (SCHIP) Premium

    • Family gross income over 150% FPL up to 300% FPL;
    • Child is uninsured; and
    • Children in families with gross income over 150% FPL without access to affordable health insurance (from $82 to $206/month, based on family size and income) and the family must pay a monthly premium. Premium accounts change in July of each year. The premium is based on family size and income to ensure no family pays more than 5% of their income for coverage.

    Review Income Guidelines (effective April 1, 2021)

    To Apply:

    • Online - Please send an email to with subject line "School" to let them know to watch for your application.
    • Phone - 1-855-373-9994 When speaking with a representative, please tell them this is a school application.
    • Request an application - Call 1-855-373-4636. When you receive the application, please write SCHOOL at the top.
    • Print an application - Please write SCHOOL at the top of the application.
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