Canvas Learning Management System

Canvas Support: Grades 7-12

  • Belton High School and Belton Middle School teachers use Canvas Learning Management System to organize courses, deliver content and assignments, administer quizzes, and publish student grades. 

    We strongly encourage all parents of Belton High and Belton Middle School students to be Canvas parent observers so they can view grades, view assignments, keep in contact with the teacher, and help keep their children organized. The Parent Portal (SISK12) will only show Progress, Term, and Semester grades.

    In the past, parents had to create their own Canvas Parent Observer accounts. If you created an account in the past, you will still have access to that same account this school year. If you are listed as Parent 1 in the Parent Portal (Tyler SISK12), accounts were only automatically created for you. If you are a BHS or BMS parent but you do not have an account, reach out to Laura Gibson for support.

Frequently Asked Canvas Questions

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  • How do I log into the Parent area of Canvas?

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  • Can I check grades in Canvas?

  • Is there a calendar in Canvas to track due dates?

  • My child's class periods are wrong in the class names. For example, English I-Y-P2-Bruhn. My student is not in P2; he is in P4. Is the wrong class showing up in Canvas?

  • Students: My assignment answers keep disappearing when I want to submit them in Canvas!