COVID-19 Processes for Staff

  • Daily All Staff:  

    BSD COVID-19 Symptom Self-Report BSD COVID-19 Symptom Self-Report  - this will be completed daily by all staff and all guests. It will be monitored by designated office staff and used only when contact tracing needs to be conducted.

    Staff members should report to their supervisor when they have any symptoms on the COVID-19 Self-Report document.

    Staff Temperature Checks @ Work - Office staff will record any staff who present with a temperature at 100.4° F or above.

    Staff with a temperature of 100.4° F or above will be sent home and the principal/supervisor will be notified. Please follow the Exclusion from School - COVID document, which is updated regularly by the district nurse and follows the most current CDC guidance.

    This flow chart should help staff, students, and families understand close contact, exposure, and what to do in case they aren't sure.

    Staff with Symptoms:

    Building Nurse responsibilities: 

    Record symptoms - staff name, date, symptoms present (document shared with nursing staff and administrators only)

    Follow-up with the staff member to determine the next steps: 

    1. Are they experiencing other symptoms? 
    2. Can the fever or other symptoms be explained by another illness or known condition the staff member already has? 
    3. Has the staff member been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19?

    The nurse informs the Principal/Supervisor of the staff member's status and instructs the staff member to follow the Exclusion from School - COVID procedures.

    Staff Exposure or Positive COVID-19 Test:

    Follow “Exclusion from School - COVID Document” Exclusion from School - COVID which is updated regularly by the district nurse and follows the most current CDC guidance.

    If a direct exposure or positive COVID-19 test result is established, the Principal/Supervisor shall complete a documentation form on the staff member.

    Principal/Supervisor shall notify the following staff in writing and by phone: Lisa Cummings, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, and Gretchen Sullivan, District Nurse, upon learning of the staff member's direct exposure or positive COVID-19 test result. Mrs. Cummings will provide guidance related to Human Resources matters to include leave status and the return to work process.

    Return to work requires an interview completed by Gretchen Sullivan, District Nurse, who communicates with Human Resources. Human Resources will provide, in writing, the principal/supervisor a staff member’s clearance or denial of return to work.