Staff Return to School Information

  • We realize these Q/A lists will not answer every question you have. We will continue to add to each list often, and we strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the details of the published version of our Return to School plan which is linked on this page. It will answer many of your questions as well.

    Some of your questions were building- or job title/role-specific. We will be sharing them with building principals, directors, and department leadership to review and devise communications to answer things unique to their area of expertise.

    Thank you to Belton MSTA and NEA for sharing their organizations' documents related to returning to work and school. 

Human Resources Questions

  • Am I required as an employee to wear a mask?

  • Can I take off work to watch my own children if I don’t feel comfortable sending them back to school?

  • Can my school take my temperature and ask medical questions when I report to work?

  • Do I have any responsibility to notify families if a student tests positive in my classroom?

  • How will the district cover substitutes?

  • If a COVID-19 outbreak forces my school to close, can the district force me to use my sick leave during the closure? Can the district furlough me during the closure?

  • If I am exposed, can I still work from home? (*Updated 10/9)

  • If I am on leave and the district moves to distance learning, am I charged with leave?

  • If I contact COVID at school and miss time from work, will I qualify for workers’ compensation?

  • If I contract COVID while working at the school, will I qualify for FMLA?

  • If I have a pre-existing condition or am otherwise in a “high risk” category, and am not comfortable going back to school, what should I do?

  • If I’m out for COVID-related reasons how will that impact my retirement?

  • If I’m pregnant, do I have any additional rights that would allow me to stay home?

  • Is the school required to accommodate me if I live with a high-risk individual?

  • What if someone in my household tests positive for COVID, but I am asymptomatic?

  • What are my leave options if I need to quarantine or if I test positive for COVID?

  • What happens if a student in my classroom tests positive for COVID?

  • What is my liability if a student in my classroom gets COVID because the students are either not social distancing, or unable to social distance via the type of lesson or instruction they’re receiving?

  • Will EAP services be offered during this time?