Attendance and Enrollment

  • BSD will give parents the choice to Be with us HERE (In-person Instruction) or Be with us at HOME (Virtual Instruction) by signing up before July 30, 2020. Under BSD’s plan, parents who select for their child to Be with us at HOME, that selection remains in place for the entire semester. If Be with us HERE is selected, students can move to Be with us at HOME depending on circumstances.

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Be with us HERE - In-Person Instruction

    School attendance and punctuality is a very important factor in student academic progress, however, we realize COVID-19 requires additional precautions are taken. We wish to work together with parents and guardians to ensure your child’s continued success. Please be sure to call the school office each day your child will be absent as early as possible but no later than 9:00 am. Our goal as a district is to keep lines of communication open with families to impact student attendance and education positively. 

    Important health information related to COVID-19 can be found on this page of our 2020-2021 Return to School plan. This page includes all procedures related to COVID-19 exclusions; scroll down to the section titled Exclusion from School - COVID

    Other attendance information can be found on the Student Services page of our website.

Be with us at HOME - Distance Learning and Rolling Closures

  • BSD will be required to take DAILY attendance under every learning model.

    The following will count for a student’s attendance:

    • Completion of lessons and activities turned in the next day of attendance.
    • Electronic submission of lessons and activities on the day of or the next day of attendance.
    • Log of electronic/web-based/app activity.

    This means students will have to be present in-person and/or logged in each day for every course, to be counted present for credit purposes.