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Cleaning, Social Distancing, and Hygiene Protocols

  • Handwashing & Hand Sanitizers

    • Students and staff will be trained in proper handwashing protocols to prevent COVID-19 and the spread of germs.
    • Elementary teachers will be encouraged to supervise student handwashing for 20 seconds. In addition, all students will be encouraged to wash hands after using the restroom, and before and after eating.
    • Handwashing stations are available in restrooms and some classrooms.
    • Hand sanitizer stations have been added in each classroom and commons areas.

     Social Distancing Protocols 

    • Students and staff will be trained in proper social distancing.
    • Signage will be provided to help assist students and staff with social distancing in common spaces, hallways, conference rooms, and the teacher’s lounge.
    • Social Distancing becomes a personal responsibility of each individual attending school or coming to a Belton School District facility. Anyone causing a disruption or unwillingness to follow COVID-19 safety protocols, putting students/staff at unnecessary risk will be asked to leave the premises immediately.
    • Students should be spaced as far apart as possible. Six feet apart is best; when that is not possible, schools should make efforts to ensure a minimum of three feet of space between students. (Source: DESE and DHSS [August 2020], and CDC [March 2021] )
    • Students and staff are required to use masks. Some staff will be issued face shields for working with certain populations of students.
    • Desks and chairs will be arranged to accommodate social distancing as feasible.
    • Recess will take place by class cohorts.
    • Group projects and collaboration will look different. Students may be asked to do more projects individually or collaborate through electronic means to ensure social distancing. They will continue to learn all of the skills needed to collaborate on bigger projects when we are able to lessen restrictions.

    Cleaning & Disinfectant Protocols 

    • BSD custodial employees have been trained on COVID-19 safety protocols.
    • Cleaning and disinfecting will occur nightly in every classroom, commons area, and on high-touch surfaces. Custodial staff will be using E-MIST machines in the evening to disinfect the entire building.
    • Every classroom and office area will have disinfectant (bleach and water) in a spray bottle and cleaning cloths provided for employees and students to use in high-touch areas throughout the school day.
    • Each school provides students the opportunity to clean their own spaces before and after they are used in ways that are safe and developmentally appropriate.
    • Drinking fountains and other touchpoints will be sanitized as often as possible.
    • Restrooms will be checked and cleaned as needed every 30 minutes. 
    • Recess staff will have a bottle to help spray equipment between classes. 
    • During school hours the custodian will be disinfecting touchpoints throughout the school.
    • Restrooms, playgrounds, libraries, and computer labs will undergo extensive cleaning after each day's use.