Hillcrest STEAM Academy Enrollment Information

  • Enrollment Request Process for Hillcrest STEAM Academy

      • Beginning mid-February and ending mid-March the Enrollment Request Process will begin for those desiring to be a part of Hillcrest STEAM Academy. The form must be filled out by a parent/guardian. Parents will list students they wish to enter for selection into Hillcrest STEAM Academy.
      • The selection process (described below) is based on family. There is no advantage to listing students other than those wishing to attend STEAM. Parents should list only those students whom they would like to attend Hillcrest STEAM Academy.
      • In the event there is a shared custody situation, the child(ren) should only be listed on one parent's Enrollment Request Form. Please discuss which parent will be submitting a child's name prior to completing the form.


    • 1.  Hillcrest STEAM Academy’s open selection will be available each year to kindergarten students.  
    • 2.  The selection for grades 1st-6th grade will be open for placing your child on the current Hillcrest STEAM Academy waiting list.  

    Timeline of Events

      • Mid-February - Mid-March: The open selection will take place for the next school year. Please note the open selection is only for those NOT entered previously. If an application was entered in previous years, your child is on a waiting list.  If, however, you declined an opening, you will have to begin the process again.  
      • After you complete the registration process, you will receive an email verification. If you don't receive an email verification, please contact Anita Majors, (816) 489-7018.  
      • By April 1: Parents will be notified if their child has been selected to attend Hillcrest STEAM Academy for the upcoming school year.
      • June 30: Any students wishing to transfer out of Hillcrest STEAM Academy to another district school must have their request turned into the Hillcrest STEAM Academy office. 
      • By Mid-August: Parents will be notified if your child was selected from the waiting list to fill an open position for the upcoming school year. 

    Open Selection Process for the Hillcrest STEAM Academy

    • Parents or guardians who wish to have their child(ren) attend Hillcrest STEAM Academy will need to complete the online family registration enrollment request form. Students will be selected from this enrollment pool.
    • All children whose parents wish them to attend Hillcrest STEAM Academy must apply for the open selection. If applications are not completed, they will NOT be on the eligible list for selection. This includes students of siblings at Hillcrest STEAM Academy. All students must go through the open selection process.
    • Students in the selection will be chosen randomly according to their current attendance area. All attendance areas will be represented proportionally: Cambridge, Gladden, and Kentucky Trail.
    • As families are chosen, each student in a family will be placed in available spots by their respective grades. Students will be placed either in a grade (if there is space) or on a waiting list by grade in the order they were selected.
    • The positions will not be drawn publicly.  Parents will be notified through an email and/or a phone call if their child was selected through the open selection and will have a certain number of days to reply and accept the spot drawn.


    Additional Procedures: 

      • The waiting lists will follow each grade as they advance. If your child was entered into the open selection in previous years, he/she is on a waiting list and does not need to be re-entered into this process.
      • Students who complete an enrollment request will be drawn and placed either in an open spot if available or at the end of the waiting list for that grade in the order they were selected.
      • Students who decline enrollment when selected or when their waiting list spot comes available will have to complete a new enrollment request form and start the selection process over. If your child's name is selected but declined, you will need to begin the lottery process again the next school year for your student or students.
      • If a sibling is currently enrolled at Hillcrest STEAM Academy, an incoming kindergarten student will be ensured a spot in a kindergarten class as long as they complete the enrollment request process by the assigned deadline and as long as a spot is available. If no spot is available, the students will be placed on a waiting list in the order the random selection process selects. A place to indicate siblings are currently enrolled at Hillcrest STEAM Academy will be found on the enrollment request form.
      • Hillcrest STEAM Academy's open selection will be available each year to kindergarten. 
      • For the upcoming year's selection, parents of students entering grades 1st - 6th are able to fill out the enrollment form for their child to be placed on the waiting list.