• We trust it goes without saying… Safety is a primary concern! As people who have families of their own, school personnel can fully identify with the expectation for a quality effort to ensure the safety of students, staff and all those across the school community. Furthermore, given the age range and maturity level of those who call one a “teacher,” “coach,” “mentor,” “administrator,” and “friend,” the additional responsibility which accompanies this reality is acknowledged.

    One cannot fathom there would ever be a “parent’s wish list” which would fail to include the following... “a positive and trusting relationship” with those in the schoolhouse. We are convinced it begins here… “relationship.” At Belton High School, we begin with an “I love you always!” message. The initial delivery is playfully communicated, but the message is both sincere and intentional. Furthermore, efforts to share open dialogue with students on day one, whether they’ve been long-time residents of Belton or those who join us for the first time in the month of February, are designed to build trust and give assurance we are interested in them as a student as well as providing them a safe place here at BHS.

    We recognize and accept the fact our young people are developing into the men and women they are to become. We also understand they transition into a chapter of their lives where greater responsibility and independence is not only a natural occurrence but a necessary one. As such, missteps will happen. These serve as learning/growth opportunities and though there may be the occasional challenge of navigating through these missteps, ultimately, it is about the promotion of growth and safety for all.

    Specifically, there are personnel, ongoing professional development, drills, equipment, programs, and protocols designed to provide our community with safeguards against a collection of challenges and concerns. This involves both proactive measures as well as steps taken to respond to situations which are potentially unhealthy or unsafe. It should be noted, these responses are designed to be both… instructional and, in those situations where the circumstance dictates, preventative or consequential. In addition to being responsible for the individual, we understand there is a tremendous responsibility to the larger group.

    School is to be a place where students learn, teachers instruct and all should be and feel safe.

    Safety is a broad term and encompasses many topics.  From counsel about safe driving to choices about sex, drugs and social media, we promise an effort which is transparent and focused. Additionally, attention is provided to conflict resolution, sensitivity regarding multiculturalism, trauma-informed care, protection at interscholastic competitions, points of entry and the list continues.

    We make no apology for this focus and welcome any conversation/suggestions one may have for review. Our students, our staff, our community… We ARE Belton! We ARE worth it.

    For additional information on safety-related protocols, see the “Why Paper” entitled…  “Encouraging Healthy Choices.”