Meningococcal Immunizations

  • This notice is to inform our community of the new state requirements for school immunizations that are in effect. With our children’s wellbeing in mind, the State of Missouri has adopted a 2 series immunization requirement for Meningitis. Previously this immunization was only required for college entrance, but due to the seriousness of contracting Meningitis, it has been implemented into our school-aged immunization schedule. The first dose will be required prior to 8th grade (age 11 to 13) along with the required T-dap vaccine.  HPV is recommended at this interval as well. The 2nd dose will be required prior to senior year (age 16+).
    Please watch your school's website and your emails regarding school-based immunization clinics offered by our health department at your child’s school, for your convenience.
    Should you want more information regarding Meningitis or the Meningococcal Vaccine log onto or You may schedule your immunizations by calling the Cass County Health Department at (816) 380-8425.
    Thank you,
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