BSD Student-Issued 1:1 Device Technology Responsible Use Agreement

  • The student-issued device and other accessories issued, such as the charger and case (hereafter referred to as the device) are District-owned and on loan to the student.  It must be used in accordance with all existing district policies and procedures, the Belton School District’s (District) Authorization for Network Access & Technology User Agreementand any applicable laws. Use of this device, as well as access to the District network, the Internet, and email are a privilege and not a right. These items are provided for educational purposes only and are intended to support the learning objectives of Belton School District #124. Any violation of this agreement can lead to school disciplinary action, loss of technology privileges, and financial obligations for damages.

    Student-Issued Device Deployment

    Prior to students being issued a device to take home:

    1. Parents/Guardians must attend any required orientation/meetings.
    2. Students must attend an orientation/training.
    3. A parent must electronically sign this agreement, as well as have agreed to the Authorization for Network Access and Technology User Agreementthis will be included as part of the online enrollment process.
    4. District student technology fees and fines must be paid or arrangements for payment must be in place.

    Using the Technology

    1. District devices are for school and educational use only.
    2. Each device is assigned to an individual student. Students should never swap or share the device with another student, unless directed by a teacher in a classroom setting.
    3. Students are allowed to leave devices in their assigned hall lockers or designated area if approved by principal and appropriately secured. If a student is participating in an activity that is not conducive to using the device (i.e., field trip, assembly, sporting events, debate/forensics, etc.), they are required to secure the device in a designated location.
    4. Students must never share passwords with other students. Passwords should always be kept confidential.
    5. Students who have permission to take the device home are responsible for bringing the device, fully charged, to school each day.
    6. Students are not to download or install any software, illegal music/movies, or other copyrighted materials.
    7. Photos and/or videos taken by the device should be for educational use only with prior approval from teachers and/or administrators.
    8. All materials and communications on the device, including and not limited to, photos, media, documents, and software are the property of the District. The District has the right to review these items for appropriateness and to restrict a student’s access to them at any time, and for any reason.
    9. Attempting to modify or circumvent security and configuration is prohibited. The District will periodically check devices for unauthorized uses including hacking, modifying configurations, installing software, VPN, jailbreaking, and anything which would attempt to circumvent security measures.
    10. Backing up data is the responsibility of the student/user.
    11. When at home, the computer should always be used under adult supervision in a common family location (i.e., kitchen or living room).
    12. If the device is lost or stolen, parents/guardians should immediately report the loss or theft to the local police, 816-331-5522, and the Belton School District #124 by notifying the building administration.
    13. If the device is damaged or not working properly, it must be turned into the building library media staff, technical staff, or other district staff member as designated as soon as possible.  The District technology staff are the only allow service providers for repair or replacement of equipment. Parents/guardians are not authorized to attempt repairs themselves or contract with any other individual or business for the repair of the device. Intentionally removed tamper stickers will incur a deductible fee. A full device replacement fee or full repair costs may be assessed for damages caused by tampering or attempted repairs to equipment.

    Using Technology for Internet and Electronic Communications

    While every attempt is made to block access from inappropriate material while the student is at school, the District does not monitor student usage of the device while at home. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to supervise the information a student is accessing from the Internet while at home.

    General Use and Care of the Technology

    1. Students are expected to treat the device with care and respect.  Any inappropriate or careless use of a device should be reported to a teacher or other staff member immediately.
    2. Devices should only be used on a flat, stable surface, such as a table. When transporting a device to and from school, students should always be sure it is in the provided protective case and placed in a backpack or other school bag. They should not be placed on or under soft items such as pillows, chairs, sofa cushions, or blankets.
    3. Students should protect the device from extreme heat or cold. Devices should never be left in a vehicle, even if the vehicle is locked.
    4. Devices should be protected from the weather, water, or other liquid, food, and pets. Students should never eat or drink while using the device, or use it near others who are eating or drinking.
    5. Heavy objects should never be placed or stacked on top of a device. This includes, but is not limited to books, musical instruments, and sports equipment.
    6. Devices, including cases and chargers, should be kept clean and free of any adornments, adhesive, ink, stickers, or similar decorative items that can damage the device or hinder device identification.
    7. Device shell cases should remain on the devices at all times and only removed by the school technology staff. Replacement fees will apply for damaged cases due to improper removal by the student.

    Fees & Insurance

    Having a device is an expectation for every student in a school with a 1 to 1 program. Insurance is included in the cost of the user fee; with the associated deductibles for damages in the deductible table listed below. The District fees will be on a sliding scale, based on the free and reduced lunch program status. The structure is as follows:

    User Fee



    Regular pay students:



    Reduced lunch students:



    Free lunch students:



    Students receiving devices at the semester will only be charged half the fee. Students who owe tech fees or fines will not be allowed to take assigned devices home unless the balance is paid or a payment plan is in place. If assistance is needed in covering these costs, please discuss it with the building administrator.


    Deductibles for damages are set on an escalating scale per incident. The District understands accidents happen, but students and families will hold some responsibility for proper care of these expensive devices.

    Deductibles or replacement cost will be charged for damages to the device, charger, or case according to the standards established by the school district. If the replacement cost for a part or accessory is less than the deductible, the lesser of the two is used.

    The student assumes the full replacement cost for any lost item. No refund for returned accessories will be issued after a fee is paid or after two weeks of the device being returned.




    1st Incident



    2nd Incident



    3rd or More Incident(s)



    Stolen with Copy of Police Report




    $339.00 w/Otterbox case

    $359.00 w/Logitech keyboard case>


    Non-Returned Device Protocol

    The District can request the return of a student issued device at any time. The device must also be returned prior to withdraw from the District. All District-issued devices and peripherals/accessories need to be returned to the school library or office. If a device is not returned before the withdraw or within one week of a request, the parent/guardian will be held financially responsible for those items. The District will press criminal charges if the device is not returned within 10 days of withdrawal or the requested return date. If the device or accessories are returned damaged, fees will be assessed accordingly. A hold on student records will also apply for unreturned devices.

    The procedure below outlines the action the District will take if the device is not returned:

    1. 1st contact parent/guardian made after the due date
    2. 2nd contact parent/guardian made 3 days after the due date
    3. Letter to parent/guardian sent after 7 days
    4. If after 10 days of the request or withdraw from the District, the device has not been returned, the Belton Police Department will be contacted to file a stolen property report, identifying the parent/guardian as the subject. These are criminal charges under the Missouri Revised Statute: Stealing (§570.030) for knowingly depriving the District of its property without its consent.

    Items Issued to Students & Replacement Costs 

    Any new students receiving iPads will be issued an iPad charger initially. Returning students are responsible for keeping the originally-issued iPad charger for the remainder of their participation in the initiative. All students receiving a MacBook will be issued a MacBook charger and will be required to return the originally-issued MacBook charger with the MacBook at the end of the year or at the time of withdraw or transfer.

    Replacement Cost

    iPad Device



    MacBook Device


    Apple iPad

    $ 299.00


    11” MacBook Air

    $ 899.00

    Logitech Keyboard case

    $ 60.00


    MacBook Air shell

    $ 45.00

    iPad charger/cable

    $ 10.00


    Duckhead Adapter piece

    $ 10.00




    MacBook Air charger

    $ 55.00

    Updated July 2020

PayPal Convenience Fees

  • PayPal Convenience Fees
    For those who choose to make payments online, please note there are convenience fees associated with this option. If you wish to avoid convenience fees, you can send cash or checks to your child's school office.