Health Services

Health Services

  • Belton School District Health Services wants to ensure all students are healthy and ready to learn!  Health Services provides screenings, referrals, administer medications and treatment, and basic first aid care.  

    Missouri State Law requires all children attending school and daycare programs within the district to be adequately immunized or have a written exemption from immunization on file.  Current lists of required immunizations by grade are available on this page.  If your child’s immunizations are not up-to-date or signed off as in progress or exempt by a physician by the first day of school, your child MAY NOT attend until his or her immunizations are compliant. 

    Health rooms do not stock any Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Tums, Midol, or cough drops. Students in grades 5-12 may carry their own cough drops. If students need to take medication during school, parents/guardians have to provide the medication in a small unopened bottle, and parents/guardians must bring it to school. Students are not allowed to carry medication on them or bring it to school.

  • Gretchen Sullivan, RN BSN

    Supervisor, Health Services
    Email Health Services
    (816) 489-7301
    District Health Room Contact Numbers 
    BHS: (816) 489-7502
    BMS: (816) 489-7062
    Mill Creek: (816) 348-1596
    Cambridge: (816) 348-1009
    Gladden: (816) 489-7531
    Wilckens STEAM: (816) 348-1132
    Kentucky Trail: (816) 348-1102
    Scott Educational Center: (816) 489-7041
    Grace: (816) 489-7301

    Certified Athletic Trainer, Jordyn Kemp
    Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Matthew Cullen, DO