Instructional Coaches in the Belton School District

  • The Belton School District Instructional Coaches are a dedicated, collaborative resource for teachers, committed to building partnerships, enhancing collaboration, encouraging reflection, and facilitating effective, personalized professional development promoting student success.

    Our Instructional Coaches spend the majority of their time in classrooms across the district working with teachers and participating in coaching cycles. Instructional Coaches participate in developing and facilitating district professional development initiatives, participate in building level instructional leadership, and support curriculum development.

Belton School District Curriculum

  •  9 - 12

    The instructional coaching staff and several teachers have completed documents outlining course sequences for Belton High School courses for students in grades 9-12. These documents show a variety of learning paths for our high school students.  These course sequencing documents were used to create the Career and Education Planning Guide for students to use as they plan schedules. Families are encouraged to review the Guide to assist their students in making sound decisions.  
    In their work, the teachers also created course sequences to depict plans for the future, giving input on classes that will add additional opportunities for BHS students in future years. Non-core content teams will be finishing up the work on their course sequencing plans soon.  Core area content teams identified Power Standards -- standards we feel are of critical importance for all students to learn and master -- for all of their courses. Non-core teams (electives, for example) have started working on identifying Power Standards for their courses.
    K - 8
    Every K - 8 teacher worked in teams to identify power standards for their grade levels/content areas. The curriculum leaders have been meeting to look over the information proposed by all of those teams. The district has partnered with content-area experts to look at the proposed Power Standards and provide feedback. Curriculum leaders will make any necessary adjustments and share out the finalized BSD K - 8 Power Standards with staff this February.
    **Once Power Standards are set, the next steps for our teams across the District will be to create curriculum pacing guides based on our Power Standards.**

    Curriculum leaders will be working to create plans for the pacing at each grade level/course. At the secondary level, the curriculum leaders will coordinate the pacing guide work with teachers who teach each course in their content areas. Curriculum leaders will share those pacing guides with their teams to get input. Then, the next step will be for all team members to begin sharing and gathering information from across the district to build unit plans within those pacing guides.

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