Wellness Program

  • The Belton School District Board of Education adopted a district Wellness Program to promote student health, facilitate student learning of lifelong healthy habits, and increase student achievement (Board policy ADF).

    In an effort to support the Wellness Program, and to assist you in joining the effort, we would like to highlight some areas of particular interest to parents:

    *At least 50% of the food and beverages available at school parties must meet the intermediate Eat Smart requirements:

    • Not more than 35% of total calories from fat (excluding cheese, nuts, seeds, and nut butters) and
    • Not more than 35% of weight from sugar (excluding fruit without added sugar, 100% juice, and milk)

    *Foods of minimal nutritional value will not be made available by the school during school hours, including classroom rewards.

    This is especially important to note when considering bringing classroom treats for birthdays and other special celebrations in your child’s classroom. If you wish to send treats for a special celebration in your child’s classroom, we would like you to consider the suggested guidelines and select from the healthy foods students would enjoy. For example, beverages such as 100% juice or milk (plain or flavored) could replace soda or other popular “juice” drinks that are not actually 100% juice. Popular snacks such as string cheese, cheese and crackers, peanut butter and crackers (except for those with peanut allergies), some granola or fruit/cereal bars, trail mix, fruit, vegetables and dip, yogurt, etc. would be recommended instead of cupcakes, cookies, or candy.

    We will all be learning together. While we are not going to strictly monitor everything students bring from home in their personal lunches, we do encourage you to be aware of our efforts and join us as you pack your child’s lunch.  This is a perfect time to increase awareness of the nutritional value of the foods we purchase for our families.

    Please contact the school or Central Office for a comprehensive explanation of the guidelines and procedures included in our Wellness Program.