Guidelines for Posting/Commenting on District Social Media Accounts

  • The Belton School District welcomes comments/posts as a means of engaging in conversation. To keep social media focused on District initiatives, emergency information, and accomplishments, comment/posting guidelines have been created.
    1. Each account is moderated and all comments/posts are reviewed by the Belton School District #124 Communications Department.
    2. To ensure conversations remain informative, respectful of diverse viewpoints, and lawful, comments including the following are not permitted:
        - OFF TOPIC - Comments not related to the original subject of page entries will be removed.
        - SPAM - Comments focused on selling a product or service will not be posted.
        - PERSONAL ATTACKS - If a reader disagrees with a post, the District encourages direct contact to the Communications Department. Community members are asked to refrain from personal attacks or being disrespectful of others.
        - ILLEGAL - Laws governing use of copyrights, trade secrets, etc., will be followed.
        - LANGUAGE - The District reserves the right to delete posts containing profanity, discriminatory language, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive or derogatory content, threats, obscene, or sexually explicit content. This includes specific names of teachers, students, and other Belton School District employees and patrons. 
        - LINKS - Links to outside websites will not be permitted for any purpose.
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