Bus Conduct & Safety

  • DS Bus Lines' goal is to establish safe and efficient transportation for our students to school. In order to achieve this goal, DS Bus Lines has established the following rules and guidelines for you to discuss with your children.

    Students should arrive at the bus stop five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time and be ready to board the bus. Students may be required to walk short distances to the bus stop. Honk service is not provided. No deliberate delaying of the bus will be permitted. 

    • Students crossing the road (loading/unloading) must stop and wait for the driver's signal, then cross the road at least 10 feet in front of the bus. Students must never cross behind the bus.
    • Once students board the bus, they may only get off the bus at their authorized bus stop or with permission from the administration at the school. Any change in student pick up/drop off will need to be initiated and completed through the child's assigned school. The school will notify the transportation office of the changes. Students who need to ride a different bus must have a bus pass from the school. 
    • All kindergarten students must have a responsible person at the bus stop in order for them to get off the bus or the students will be taken back to their school. 
    • Students must observe classroom conduct at all times and follow the driver's directions.
    • Excessive noise and unnecessary conversation with the driver is prohibited. 
    • Students and parents are liable for any damage to the bus, intentionally or unintentionally, due to unacceptable behavior from the student. Any willful damage must be compensated for before the student can resume riding privileges. 
    • Students must remain seated, facing forward, refrain from sticking body parts out the windows, and remain out of the aisles while the bus is in motion or non-moving.
    • No throwing of objects on the bus or out of the windows.
    • Drivers and students should treat each other with respect.
    • No vulgar language, threats, intimidation, harassment or bullying, no obscene gestures, remarks, or literature.
    • No eating or drinking on bus. (exception; plastic water in a bottle with a screw-on lid)
    • No dead or live animals, reptiles, or insects. (except approved service animals)
    • No glass containers.
    • No balloons of any kind. 
    • No weapons of any kind; knives, guns, items that resemble a weapon (including toy weapons), fireworks, laser lights.
    • No alcohol, tobacco, or drugs. (including cigarettes, pipes, cigars, vapes, and any paraphernalia)
    • No skateboards, Heelies, roller shoes, bikes, scooters etc.
    • All band instruments, large items, and sports equipment that cannot be handled or held safely by the students will not be allowed on the bus.
    • Electronic devices may be permitted as long as use by students does not cause a distraction to the driver or other passengers. Students must follow school media policy.
    • Students violating these rules/guidelines will receive a conduct notice and appropriate action will be taken.

    The consequences for violating rules/guidelines are as follows, but not limited to: 

    • 1st notice: Issued to students for parents to sign and return to the driver
    • 2nd notice: Mailed home for parents to sign and return to the transportation office
    • 3rd and Future notices: Results in at least a 3-day suspension from all bus services (including activity and shuttles) 
    • Severe violations will result in immediate suspension (any offense endangering the safety of the students/driver: Fighting, weapons, vandalism, tobacco use)