• Our Mission 

    The mission of Belton School District, as a proud reflection of our community, is to inspire and empower all students to reach individual potential by providing learning experiences that challenge and engage within a safe, supportive environment designed to prepare students to thrive and excel.

    We believe...

    • Every person is unique and has inherent worth.
    • Every person has ability to learn and power to achieve.
    • Expectations affect outcomes.
    • Positive reinforcement is vital to developing self esteem.
    • Supportive relationships are essential to success.
    • Learning is unique to the individual and requires engagement and application.
    • Every person has the ability to affect others.
    • Every person is responsible for his/her actions.
    • Every person has the right to feel safe.
    • Diversity enriches life.
    • Knowledge is fundamental to personal freedom and a free thinking society.