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photo of elementary students posing and smiling

Welcome to BSD #124!

We inspire and empower all students to reach individual potential

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BSD #124 Believes

Every person has the ability to learn and power to achieve

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At BSD #124

We provide learning experiences that challenge and engage

photo of student working on ipad

BSD #124 Believes

Every person is unique and has inherent worth

photo of staff members smiling

BSD #124 Believes

Supportive relationships are essential to success

photo of internship students

BSD #124 Believes

Diversity enriches life

photo of BMS students holding awards

BSD #124 is

A safe, supportive environment designed to prepare students to thrive and excel


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photo of students with banners

Battle of the Brains is Kansas City's thrilling K-12 STEM competition, where schools earn grants for STEM education by dreaming up innovative exhibit concepts for Science City. The competition sparks creativity, encourages collaboration, and provides a no-cost, immersive experience for students and teachers. The competition received more than 700 proposals, but these students came out on top.

As finalists, they even earned a grant for their program!

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